About Rus Uz

Rus Uz has an electric dining area with influence from around the world. Take a moment away from your dining table to peruse the walls. We’ve collected artwork for many years, allowing you to enjoy these finds as you wait for your order.

The dining area is meant to feel like a comfortable Uzbek home, but you can also find TV screens offering the latest news or sports for those exciting nights out. Meet with friends over drinks one night to really feel the Rus Uz welcome. We offer traditional and infused vodka’s, but also stock some of the best beers from Russia as well. If you are not a drinker, try our compot, kvas or tea to relax the night away.

Visit for a light lunch or a hearty dinner throughout the week. Rus Uz is committed to a relaxing dining experience, but we also cater too. Consider our recipes for your next event and even drop by for a preview meal. We are determined to open your eyes to the beauty and rich tastes of Russian and Uzbekistan.

Family Owned & Prepared With Passion

Here we try to bring our vision of traditional Uzbek and Russian dinning to the Washington DC area. Our mission is to provide a unique customer experience while introducing you to our cuisine. "Rus Uz", how did we come up with that name? Our cuisine is a mixture of both Russian and Uzbek dishes, allowing you to have a taste of the old-world right in the Washington DC area. Making this a place for you and your friends to remember.